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Valtra Valmet A104 MH

Valtra A104 M chassis, 2018, 40 km, 290 hours, DEMO tractor, 480/70R38+380/70R28 99% Michelin tires, 4 cilinder Agco engine, 12*12 power gearbox with super creeper, 3 hydraulic spools with 98 ltr pump, airbrakes, extra fueltank, Frontaxle with hilock, aircon panorama roof, Valtra G3 frontloader + ergodrive,


Valtra Valmet S263 Direct

Valtra S263 Direct CVT, 2012, 800/70R38+600/60R34 60% with rear tire inflating system, 8.4 ltr 280 hp engine, frontlift and PTO, Aircon, 6 hydraulic spools, airbrake system, frontaxle and cab suspension, K80 hitch. Full option.


Valtra Valmet T162 Direct

Valtra T162 Direct CVT, 50KM, 2012, 5850 hours, 650/65R38+ 540/65R28 60%, cab and frontaxle suspension, airbrakes, aircon, frontlift, 4 hydraulic spool valves.


Valtra Valmet T170 Hitech

Valtra T170 Hitech, 2005, 7418Hours, 680/75R32+540/65R28 40/20%, Airbrakes, frontaxle suspension, 4 SV, Loadsensing, frontlift

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A Valtra tractor is known for its reliability, flexibility, durability and Northern roots. The Valtra company has its origins in Finland and later in Sweden. The combination of versatile features and innovative technology makes Valtra tractors exceptionally comfortable.

As the owner of a Valtra tractor, you benefit from a reliable, high-quality tractor that is specifically tailored to the individual needs of the user. So your tractor has exactly the equipment you need. Valtra's goal is therefore: to ensure that you get the best tractor experience.

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See the available range of Valtra tractors above. You can filter in the menu by model type, year of manufacture, engine power (HP and KW) and price. Read the description with the characteristics of the tractor model and be sure to view the photos for a more complete picture. If you would like to know more about a specific Valtra tractor, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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At Koop van der Wal you can not only buy a Valtra tractor. We also offer tractors and tillage machines from other brands, including New Holland, John Deere and Agri-koop. In addition, we rent tractors and machines, our rental prices are fair and affordable. We also supply tractor parts, both new and used. We have set up two separate websites for this: and

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