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From January 2021 on, there are new rules for driving on a public road.

All agricultural and construction machinery, limited speed motor vehicles and towed equipment. Koop van der Wal B.V. will help you with filling out the RDW registration.

With this tool, you can easily check whether your vehicle has registration requirements. Click here:: LIS (rdw.nl)

Do you drive faster than 25 km/u (15,5 mph) with your vehicle? Then you are also obliged to mount a license plate on your vehicle. Next to that, on May 1st 2021, an APK (MOT) is required for agricultural and forestry tractors on wheels that can drive faster than 40 km/u (25mph).

For information, call Ivo de Wit on +31611587575 or send an email to info@koopvanderwal.com.

Please add the following information to your email:

tractorbrand, tractortype, chassisnumber en of course your phone number, then we will help you as soon as possible!