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Valtra Valmet A104 MH

Valtra A104 M chassis, 2018, 40 km, 290 hours, DEMO tractor, 480/70R38+380/70R28 99% Michelin tires, 4 cilinder Agco engine, 12*12 power gearbox with super creeper, 3 hydraulic spools with 98 ltr pump, airbrakes, extra fueltank, Frontaxle with hilock, aircon panorama roof, Valtra G3 frontloader + ergodrive,


Valtra Valmet S263 Direct

Valtra S263 Direct CVT, 2012, 800/70R38+600/60R34 60% with rear tire inflating system, 8.4 ltr 280 hp engine, frontlift and PTO, Aircon, 6 hydraulic spools, airbrake system, frontaxle and cab suspension, K80 hitch. Full option.


Valtra Valmet T162 Direct

Valtra T162 Direct CVT, 50KM, 2012, 5850 hours, 650/65R38+ 540/65R28 60%, cab and frontaxle suspension, airbrakes, aircon, frontlift, 4 hydraulic spool valves.


Valtra Valmet T170 Hitech

Valtra T170 Hitech, 2005, 7418Hours, 680/75R32+540/65R28 40/20%, Airbrakes, frontaxle suspension, 4 SV, Loadsensing, frontlift


Valtra Valmet T174 Direct

Valtra T174 Direct, 2016, 5570 hours, 650/65R42+600/65R28 70/60%, CVT 50 km, 7.4 ltr engine, 160 ltr hydraulic pump, frontaxle and cab suspension, 5 hydraulic spoolvalves, frontlift, wheelweights, k80 hitch. come in soon.

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