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New Holland T6.145

New Holland T6.145, 2017, 1037.4 Hours, 600/65R38+480/65R28 100%, 40km, Electro command, 3 SV,,, 3 speed PTO, Aircon, LHR. cabine suspension, SUPER CREEPER..


New Holland T6.160 AC

New Holland T6.160, 2015, 2155 Hours, AutoCommand vario 50 KM, 520/70R38+480/65R28, cab and frontaxle suspension, 3 SV, aircon..

Price on request

New Holland T7.225 AC

New Holland T7.225 AC, 2016,2217 hours, 650/75R38+600/65R28 Trelleborg 80/70%, cabin and frontaxle suspension, frontlift and PTO, leather seat, Trimble GPS prepared, Airbrakes , 4 SV..

Price on request

New Holland T8.380 Smarttrax

New Holland T8.380 Smarttrax Blue Power, new delivered in 2015, 1900 hours, 24 inch tracks + IF 620/75R30, 18*4 PS 40 KM, Tier 4b engine, cold weather packet, frontaxle suspension, 166 liter pump, 5 SV, aircon, frontlift + autoquidance GPS..

Price on request
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