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John Deere 3640

John Deere 3640, HILO, 1986, 520/70R38+270/95R32 80/60%, 2 SV,


John Deere 6100 PQ

John Deere 6100, 520/70R34+440/65R24, 40KM, PowerQuad,, 2SV, Mallieux frontloader with joystick, sunroof. Good working condition


John Deere 6125R AQ

John Deere 6125R, 2013, 3017 Hours, AutoQuad 45km, 520/70R38+420/70R28, TLS frontaxle - cab suspension, 3SV, aircon, comfort view cab

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John Deere 6130R

John Deere 6130R, 2019, 1060 hours, 600/65R38+540/65R24 100%, Autopower 50km, air and hydr. trailerbrake, frontlift and PTO, 3 sv, climate control, Ultimate package, electrical joystick, 114 ltr pump, autotrack ready, Itec. Full option tractor.

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John Deere 6130R AP

John Deere 6130R, Premium edition, 2018, 2165 hours, 420/80R46+380/85R30 85%, Autopower 50 km, command arm with joystick, big screen and Autotrac ready, frontaxle and cab suspension, air and hydraulic brakes. 5 hydraulic spools + 1 extra hydr valve for Frontlift, isobus, doc case, fridge, electric mirrors, led lamps, Full options as new. more pict..

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John Deere 6155M

John Deere 6155M, 2016, 1200 hours, 580/70R38+480/70R28, PowerQuad 20/20 40 km with LHR, frontaxle and cab. suspension, 3 hydraulic spools, trailer brake, 114 ltr pump, 540/750/1000, power beyond, large liftcilinder, aircon, passenger seat


John Deere 6210R

John Deere 6210R, 2013, AutoQuad 50 KM, 710/70R38+600/65R28 75/50%, Aircon, LS,, airbrakes, TLS frontaxle and cabsuspension, pass. seat, frontlift full option autotrack ready


John Deere 6220 PQ

John Deere 6220PQ, 2004, 10300 hours, aircon, 2 sv, TLS frontaxle suspension, left hand reverse. 40 km


John Deere 6320PQ

John Deere 6320 PQ, 2003, 270/95R48+270/95R32, 9700 hours, Aircon, TLS frontaxle suspension, 3 hydraulic spools, 540/750/1000 pto, load sensing, frontlift and pto

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John Deere 6330 PQ

John Deere 6330 basic, 2009, 7800 hours, 420/85R38+380/85R24 70%, 40 km PowerQuad, aircon, 3SV


John Deere 6400PQ

John Deere 6400 PQ, 1995, 10000 hours, 480/85R38 +420/85R24 90%, 2 hydraulic spools, trailer brake.


John Deere 6410PQ

John Deere 6410PQ, 1998, 600/65R38+440/65R28 70%, left hand reverse, tr. br., Alo Quick Q675 euro+softdrive and parallel


John Deere 6520AQ

John Deere 6520AQ, 2004, 18.4R38+14.9R28 70%, 40km, AutoQuad, TLS frontaxle suspension, aircon, 3 SV


John Deere 6620 PQ

John Deere 6620 PQ, 2004, 120 HP, 6900 hours, 650/65R42+540/65R30, frontaxle suspension. Good working condition


John Deere 6820 AQ

John Deere 6820, AutoQuad 40KM, 20.8R38+16.9R28 5%, front and cab suspension, airbrakes, hydr. tr. brake, aircon

Price on request
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