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John Deere 1640 2WD + creeper

John Deere 2250, 1983, 8648 hours, 14.4R36+7.5R16, 2 hydraulic spoolvalves, SG2 cab, nice tractor but lift cilinder need new gasket

Price on request

John Deere 6210R

John Deere 6210R, 2013, AutoQuad 50 KM, 710/70R38+600/65R28 75/50%, Aircon, LS,, airbrakes, TLS frontaxle and cabsuspension, pass. seat, frontlift full option autotrack ready


John Deere 6330 PQ

John Deere 6330 basic, 2009, 7800 hours, 420/85R38+380/85R24 70%, 40 km PowerQuad, aircon, 3SV


John Deere 6820 AQ

John Deere 6820, AutoQuad 40KM, 20.8R38+16.9R28 5%, front and cab suspension, airbrakes, hydr. tr. brake, aircon

Price on request

John Deere 7430 PQ Premium

John Deere 7430 PQ Premium, 2008, 650/65R42+540/65R30 40/10%, TLS + Cab suspension, hydraulic and airbrakes, aircon, frontlift, 3 hydraulic mechanic spoolvalves, autotrack readyDeze trekker is te huur vanaf 16,5 euro per uur. Vraag naar de voorwaardenVerhuur


John Deere 8430 AP

John Deere 8430 Autopower 40km, 2007, 650/85R38+600/70R30 30/20%, 4 hydraulic spoolvalves, airbrakes, autotrack ready, command arm, frontlift

Price on request
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Buy John Deere tractor

Buy a John Deere tractor? An excellent choice, tractors from this leading brand are known for being powerful and reliable. We at Koop van der Wal offer various used John Deere models, on this page you will find our available range . Interested in a model? Please contact us.

The green and yellow John Deere tractor

John Deere tractors are easily identified by their distinctive green and yellow colors. John Deere is one of the world's largest manufacturers of agricultural equipment. The company is known as a supplier of reliable and high-quality agricultural machinery. The company is also renowned for their environmentally friendly approach to the production process.

Choose the desired model

Looking for a John Deere tractor with a high engine power? Regardless of their size and engine power, the tractors are made with the features farmers need for their day-to-day work on the field or farm. Whether you prefer the combination of small size, maneuverability and expandability, or for pure horsepower with an excellent return. John Deere tractors move you and your business forward!

The used John Deere tractors on this page are well maintained and suitable for any agricultural job. You can filter in the menu by year of manufacture, engine power, price and model.

The powerful tractors from John Deere

The company has produced a series of tractors that are called the most powerful tractors in the world. These tractors start at 60 hp engine power and go way over the usual 200 hp engine power limit. In addition, they are also equipped with applications such as air conditioning, CVT and 4-wheel drive.

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Do you see a John Deere tractor on this page that suits your farm? Please contact Koop van der Wal quickly and request more information. You can fill in our contact form or give us a call at < a href="tel:0031527261216" title="Call us: 0031 527 261216">0031 527 261216. As a tractor specialist, we are happy to give you expert advice.